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Motivated Sequence

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Motivated Sequence Empty Motivated Sequence

Post by KULDEEP BIRWAL on Sun May 01, 2011 12:28 pm

Monroe's motivated sequence is a technique for organizing persuasive speeches that inspire people to take action. It was developed in the mid-1930s by John Monroe at Purdue University. It consists of these steps[1]:
Get the attention of your audience using a detailed story, shocking example, dramatic statistic, quotations, etc.
Show that the problem about which you are speaking exists, that it is significant, and that it won't go away by itself. Use statistics, examples, etc. Convince your audience that there is a need for action to be taken.
You need to solve the issue. Provide specific and viable solutions that the government or communities can implement to solve the problem.
Tell the audience what will happen if the solution is implemented or does not take place. Be visual and detailed.
Tell the audience what action they can take personally to solve the problem.
Inform the audience of arguments against your solution and provide reasons to maintain faith in your solution.
The following explanation of Monroe's Motivated Sequence is the original work by Karisa Workman, an instructor at the University of Central Florida.[original research?]
Attention: Hey! Listen to me, you have a PROBLEM!
Need: Let me EXPLAIN the problem.
Satisfy: But, I have a SOLUTION!
Visualization: If we IMPLEMENT my solution, this is what will happen. Or, if we don't implement my solution, this is what will happen.
Action: You can help me in this specific way. Can you help me?
Rebuttal: Other people may say this, but MY solution is best.
The advantage of Monroe's Motivated Sequence is that it emphasizes what the audience can do. Too often the audience feels like a situation is hopeless; Monroe's motivated sequence emphasizes the action the audience can take.


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